B'Hike & Base - Jeremy Condamine Photography

The young and inspiring Frankie Malleus takes on the legendary chain of immense mountains in a new style which he’s coined as B’hike and Base.

The Alps mountain range have long been a playground for the world’s most extreme athletes and Frankie decided to combine a history of disciplines into a new challenge: to bike from Crans Montana in Switzerland to his hometown on the French Mediterranean, Nice in forty days.

However, along the way, he would jump off the most impressive mountains. He would complete a crossing of the Alps on a 1200km ride with 20 basejumps and 10 skydives, documenting his adventure as he went. At the young age of 20, Malleus discovered his passion for free fall and would go on to complete over 200 parachute jumps before realizing BASE jumping offered something more.

He explains BASE jumping aligned more with his values: “To jump, no need for aircraft or regulations, diplomas; no one to tell you if you have the level to do this or that jump. Only you decide the plan of your jump. Base jump is a fascinating sport!

It not only makes you feel what few people can conceive, it's an adrenaline rush that makes you enjoy the moment and nothing else. It brings you closer to the elements that surround you and makes you feel small in the presence of huge mountains.”

Now seven years later, he proposed a personal challenge to cross the Alps on bicycle, making BASE jump stops at Valais, Chartreuse, Vercors, Dévoluy, and Verdon.

However, Malleus had not had much prior experience performing long distance bike trips. One spontaneous trip that took him across France in 8 days inspired him to take it to the next level: add BASE jumping.

Videographer Jeremy Condamine would join the trip in Switzerland both to document the expedition, as well as support Malleus as he journies into the extreme.

Cyclone Sport, a bike shop in Savièse, partnered with the adventure and provided a bicycle to complete the trip, weighing in at 46kg.

Several others were interested in the project and Malleus was able to find sponsorship through Process Air Bag, Zeal sunglasses and Le Cop Sportif.

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