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Les Aventures à la voile en méditerranée

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Sailing on mediterranean sea and exploring with fun and adventurous people

OXALA is an amazing IMX 38 X Yacht sailing boat located in French Riviera.

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7 days sailing along the French Riviera’s shores.

The idea is to gather a team of outdoor lovers to reach les calanques de Marseille by sea.

thanks to the abillity of each ones, It is an original adventure with a large numbers of activities on the schedule, Free diving, cliff climbing, wake surfing, deep water solo... and BASE Jumping off one of the Biggest cliff on the Mediterranean Coast.

Dropping the anchor in the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, Antibes, Island of Cannes, St Tropez, Toulon to Marseille. 

one unique and international team of 6 people for a fun adventure. With so many nationalities from Brésil, Argentina, Uruguay and Austria, with so many flags, It is a colorful journey on the sea. 

The director and photographer Jeremy Condamine organize this new adventure in September with the team who share the same desires : The passion for challenge and new discoveries in natural places with ecological transport .

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French : 

Cap sur les Calanques de Marseille, 

Septembre 2021, une équipe d'aventuriers va explorer la méditerranée sur le voilier Oxala.

2 champions de BASE JUMP, Julian et Maria se lancent dans une nouvelle aventure, une exploration en méditerranée à la recherche de sensations fortes.

Ils aiment la glisse et surtout les défis. Ils excellent en l’air, sur la neige mais cette fois, c’est sur l'eau que le défi commence. Ils s'en vont naviguer au large avec une météo extrême, vents violents force 6, pluie et mer agitée. 

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Etes vous prêt pour embarquer sur OXALA ?

L’équipe va progressivement naviguer en direction de la ciotat pour découvrir la plus haute falaise maritime d'Europe, la falaise de cassis d’une hauteur de 400m.

Julian et Maria vont s'élancer de la falaise avec leur parachute pour un spectacle grandiose face à la beauté du paysage.

Mais la plus impressionnante c’est la calanque d’en Vau, C'est un véritable paradis sauvage dans lequel on s'arrête sans hésiter, un lieu sauvage tres prisé pour l'escalade et quelques fois le BASE jump.

la chute libre, juste au-dessus du bleu turquoise.

Les deux visions entre mer et terre sont différentes selon les prises de vues (du haut des falaises et d’en bas, en mer et profondeur sous-marine) et sont complémentaires et uniques pour donner une vision complète. L’ objectif est de découvrir des falaises inaccessibles par la mer afin de réaliser un documentaire et de plonger en apnée dans les profondeurs de la Méditerranée.

Le réalisateur et photographe Jeremy Condamine propose cette nouvelle aventure au mois de septembre avec l'équipe qui partage les mêmes envies : La passion du challenge et les nouvelles découvertes dans les lieux naturels avec le moyen de transport écologique.

Ce qui favorise aussi la protection de l’environnement.

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Un tournage de 7 jours pour la réalisation d’un documentaire de l’aventure. Ils prennent le départ ce dimanche 25 septembre au port de Marina Baie des Anges, proche de Nice avec le capitaine Jusian et le skipper Leandro pour prendre le large en méditerranée. L’objectif est de découvrir des falaises inaccessibles par voie terrestre afin de sauter en base jump et de réaliser de belles images face à la Méditerranée. C'est une première... une aventure inédite en France la rencontre d’une équipe très diverse, nationalités, langues, culture, et expériences. Tous différents, mais ils ont un point commun : se lancer un nouveau défi d’explorer la med. rapproche l'équipe et crée des amitiés pour que le projet aboutisse grâce aux compétences de chacun

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La Team

Budapest video

Capitain Jucyan 

He is an experienced sailor from Bresil, he has travelled around the world on Yachts and on different types of sailing boats.

Passionated by the sea, he loves to share adventure with guests on board.

Jus has 22 years of experience on sailing boat cruising on seas and oceans in hard conditions.

He had just made a trip from the North Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea when he purchased his boat Oxala in Denmark.

He put his life in danger by sailing Oxala in a crazy storm to the south of France. It's not the destination but it is the journey, especially for this project Jus is training the team of beginner sailors.

What will happen with a crazy Captain who loves sailing in the storms?

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Julian Astor Asdurian,

Traveling non-stop and finding home around the globe, he loves to try and experience wild fun and scary adventure sports like free diving, BASE jumping, paragliding, Wing suit BASE jump, climbing...

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Maria Steinmayr aka

«Mary McFly»

She is from Austria, living and working in Switzerland Mairia is a base jumper, free diver, climber and skier.

After a ski season she often comes to Nice to practice freediving. During the summer season, She is training to adapt her apnea and to dive to 30 m deep in Cap de Nice and Cap Ferrat.

The bay of Villefranche sur Mer is sheltered from the wind and the sea currents, making it one of the best sites in the world for the practice of freediving!

She knows the area of the French Mediterranean to guide the team to find the perfect cliff for the BASE-jump.

She has been climbing and free diving around the area. She is excited to learn sailing and join the adventure on Oxala Yacht.

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He is skipper, he is learning very vast to become a sailor, originally from Uruguay, he has just moved to Antibes to take degrees and work in the Yacht industry. He is joining the trip to assist the captain on sailing, and also help in filming the documentary, always in a good mood, he is ready to party to keep everybody happy.

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Jeremy Condamine

Jeremy is a skier, an adventure photographer and award winning filmmaker known for his previous film Bike & Base (2018) Big Speed (2019).

This time, the project is to go to beautiful locations along the med coast, and capture all the different activities : deep solo climbing, free diving, and BASE jumping.

One month before the trip, he got on board to discover the boat and to have more skills to sail in different water and wind conditions.

He organized the trip in August with Captain Jus to find the team and the destination.

They decided where to drop the anchor in order to get the best shots but most of the time, the adventure is full of surprises : the port is full, the weather is terrible, or the wind is too strong...

Final location is targeted on the map, Les Calanques de Marseille.

This national park has so much to offer like the wild nature, high cliffs and bright colors, a perfect backdrop for the movie.

The preparation on the boat is important to find the space for the crew and material. A Team of 6 people is on board but it is difficult to find space for everybody.

Oxala is a very fast sailing boat and fits 2 or 3 people for Regata, but this time it is different. Let's go on board Oxala for a new adventure film...

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Oxala project 2022

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