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Art Project Exhibition 2020

Jeremy proposes a unique photo collection of ballet dancers from France, in different locations between south of France and Italy and America. These photo series began with the idea to capture the motion and grace of dancers in different locations. the photo illustrate variations of movement of ballet dancers composed in different environments, with unseen choreographic sequences captured in the desert or on the Mediterranean scenery.

These prints are offered in limited editions sets of 10 prints total at any size. Each print will be numbered and signed and can be purchased at any size from the options listed below. Once each edition is sold through completely there will be no more prints of that image offered. Pricing for these limited edition prints are as follows:

12x18 inches……….$500 

16x24 inches….……$1000

20x30 inches….……$1500

24x36 inches….……$2000.00

27x40 inches….……$2500.00 

Please contact me for more details on recommended papers and the best print sizes for the image(s) you are interested in.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
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